Simple Hydroponics

For the past two months I have been experimenting with growing vegetables, specifically using hydroponic methods. Although we live in only a relatively small one-bedroom apartment, my unspoken goal has been to see how much produce can be squeezed out of the small square footage we’ve got available.

Scopes in Angular

A scope in Angular is a glue layer between controllers and views. The purpose of the scope is principally to watch properties and propagate events. For those who have used Angular, the scope is recognizable as the $scope argument that is often passed into controllers.

The Value of Interfaces Part I

A fundamental principle of good programming is known as Polymorphism. In a nutshell, polymorphism is when multiple implementations can be used interchangeably provided that each agrees with the same interface or contract.

Null Object Pattern

The Null Object pattern is a simple strategy to remove existence checks from code.